Cogs & Claws

clogs and claws coverCogs & Claws

Artist: Brian Bennett

Writer: Jimmy Pearson

80 pages  Black & White

£9.99p / $14.99

Welcome. You have arrived at the Animaloid Galaxy…

A galaxy of myriad planets and life forms.

Enter a spacescape populated by the most extraordinary menagerie of creatures and cultures imaginable…

Cultures teetering on the brink of all out war. A dark shadow is about to engulf the civilised Animaloid worlds and the engines of conflict are gearing-up. The marauding forces of the dreaded Rat Army have assembled; preparing for invasion and total domination. The rats’ savage nature is matched only by their advanced and relentless weapons-tech.

Infestation is imminent. An alliance of species and worlds is gathering in preparation to defend the galaxy from this insidious and barbaric threat…

And “fate” has just delivered a glimmer of hope in a most unexpected form. Witness as the Animaloid kingdom engages battle with cogs and claws!!!

ISBN: 978-1-909276-29-1

***COMING IN MAY 2014***

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