‘Ritual 2: The Resurrection’, ‘Starburn’ and ‘Call of Nibiru’ on Amazon now!

You can now order all three books directly from Amazon, folks! Click on the cover images below for more info:

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Coming to you in October!

Mark your calendars folks, for on the 19th October we have three great new books coming out!

Kelly Bender’s ‘Starburn‘, Jorge balaguer’s ‘Call of Nibiru‘ and Andy Briggs’ ‘Ritual: The Resurrection‘ will be available from that date on Amazon as well as this site.

covers_new.indd covers_new.inddcovers_new.indd


Oi! Coming soon!

This is the latest offering from Markosia, from the talented Daniel de Sosa, we are proud to introduce Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury!

A young bard in Ancient Ireland gets sent to a tiny town in the north that’s never heard music before.  Bryan is freshly graduated from his twelve years of school in the great Bardic College of Tara. Naively expecting to be treated like a rock star and be loved instantly, he has no idea how hard it is to make it as an artist. Ancient Ireland was a society where bards had genuine political power. A powerful satire had the power to remove kings from their thrones. To complete his education, Bryan must spend a year away from Bardic College on work experience. Bryan is assigned to a tough and rugged coastal fishing village called Oi in the very northern tip of Ulster, whose people have no time for music and who also have a deep-seated resentment towards the capitol city of Tara, from which the bard hails.