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With a release date set for All Fools day’, Markosia Enterprises are excited to announce the digital publication of DIS, a five-issue satanic conspiracy thriller set in the 1970s London created by UK-based writer Kevin Gunstone and artist JC Grande.

This intriguing series features JOHN CORVUS, agent of DIS, an esoteric British Govt. agency based in the White Tower (Tower of London) that investigates occult organizations, crime, and conspiracies. John is vital to this arcane department as his ancestral line symbolizes the esoteric link between the raven and the UK’s supernatural protection.

Following an anonymous tip-off that leads to a London cemetery, Corvus uncovers a satanic ceremony of human sacrifice – the victim, a high-ranking British Government Minister. The ritual slaying bears the signature of TEMPEL SATANAS, Neopagan terrorists who aim to ennoble violent insurrection through a series of assassinations.

To foil the Tempel’s sinister plot John must infiltrate a Tempel network, and enter a druggy, midnight world of sadistic bunny girls, secret radio broadcasts, obscure rituals, and violent psychopaths. Disturbed individuals who draw their inspiration from an occult manifesto, the LAW OF BAAL; a satanic text, Corvus discovers, that contain uncomfortable familial links…

Creator Kevin Gunstone commented on the series: “DIS is a fantastic opportunity to explore occult themes and symbols in a story influenced by my love of in 60s/70s spy-fi and films such as The Devil Rides Out, Wicker Man, and Suspiria. Having written the widescreen, almost cosmic sci-fi of FUTURE PRIMITIVE, it was refreshing to both set a story in the ‘real’ world; and write about characters whose motivations are sometimes hidden, leading to an air of unpredictability in their actions.”

Published by UK indie powerhouse Markosia, the first issue of DIS goes live on April 1st and will be available from Comixology and other digital outlets. Kevin Gunstone (FUTURE PRIMITIVE) writes the series, with art by JC Grande (JOHNNY MONSTER), colors by Jessica Alley and Rosie Packwood, and lettering by Greg Sorkin. DIS is an atmospheric, fast-paced thriller of occult mystery and suspense.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/DIS/902566623097242

Twitter: twitter.com/DIS_Comic

Email: dis.comicbook@gmail.com


DIS - Cover #1


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London Super Comic Con Exclusives!

The ever-growing London Super Comic Convention takes place on Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th this year at the regular Excel venue, and as ever we will be there in force!

We are launching a number of new books again this year, and an exciting bunch they are too!

For more information about the books please visit the Titles page, and we look forward to seeing you at the show!


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Merry Christmas to you all, your families and everybody that you know! 
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