Prepare for some spectacular new books for LSCC 2016!

London Super Comic Convention 2016 will be a very special show for Markosia where the long-awaited launch of two new books will finally happen!

Also, a revised and improved version of one of our most popular books in recent years, ‘Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste’ will be launched as a hardcover.

First up is a book that we have waited ten years for, the sequel to Annika Eade’s critically acclaimed ‘Dark Mists’. The sequel, ‘Dark Mists: Kurotobi Skies’ will launch exclusively at LSCC 2016 and both Annika and artist Babisu Kourtis will be at the show signing copies of the book. Only 50 copies of the hardcover wil be available and those buying a copy wil also receive a copy of volume 1 for free!

Another book launching exclusively at the show is Kevin Gunstone’s superb offering, ‘Future Primitive’, a book that has attracted much attention from all over the world. As with ‘Dark Mists’ there will only be 50 copies of the hardcover at the show. Kevin will be in attendance to sign and chat away, and those lucky enough to purchase a copy will also receive a free graphic novel from a selection on offer.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the London Super Comic Convention site and book your tickets now! We look forward to seeing you next month!

covers_new.indd   markosia_single_page_template   Aleister Crowley Hardcover 2016

Special Offer on all things ‘Ritual’!

We are offering – for a limited time only – both ‘Ritual’ and ‘Ritual 2: The Resurrection’ with free UK shipping for just £20!

If you want to save even more then arrange to pick them up at the London Super Comic Convetion next month!

Don’t miss out!

ritual duo

Coming soon!

Not saying too much just yet, but this gorgeous book will be with you soon!


TOKAE cover