New books for June!

Okay folks, here are the new releases for June:

1st June will see the release of ‘The Hitmen’ by Mike Garley and George Zapata.

The Hitmen cover


June 13th will see the release of ‘The Shadow of a Terrible Thing’ by Massimo Rosi and Eduardo Mello.

tSoaTT - 01 - Lett


June 20th will see the release of ‘Red Nightmare’ by Sissy Pantelis and Danilo Antoniucci.



Also on June 20th is the launch of ‘Assault on Fortress Doom’ by Lex McDonald and Edgard Machiavello.



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More for 2016/17!

Here are a few more teaser images for 2016/17, all under way and all very exciting indeed!


BIONICS 1- cover         Warwolf COVER

RED NIGHTMARE COVER    Riddlers Fayre 1 low   Riddlers Fayre 2 low

New for 2016/17!

Here’s a taste of some of the great new books coming to you over the next year or so, folks!

Assault On Fortress Doom Cover Away Cover BSA cover w logos

Hero Killer cover Cover Impossible Cover low

Phobos Island Cover Redemption Heights cover The Hitmen cover

The Walk Cover TOKAE cover tSoaTT - 01 - Lett

WC V1 Frontcover LS size