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Frequently Asked Questions by Retailers

Can I review your titles?
Yes, we will be happy to send you PDF’s of forthcoming titles before they are published in order to convince you that our books are great!

Where can I order your titles from?
All our titles are currently available through Gardners, Bertrams and Diamond Comic Distributors.

Alternatively you can contact us directly and we will happily discuss retailer discounts and terms with you.

Do you supply outside of the UK?
Yes we do. Shipping will be expensive in some cases but we can provide accurate costs dependent on your orders.

For the US and Canada markets we have a successful relationship with a Tennessee-based printer who can print and ships our books directly to you, usually within ten days.

Please contact us directly to discuss the options for your territory.

Do you supply books to outlets other than comic shops?
We are always pleased to discuss arrangements for the supply of our books to non-traditional outlets.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs in detail.

Would you be interested in hearing from distributors and other outlets about possible partnerships?
Yes we are. We are committed to exploring as many options as possible in all markets and territories, including overseas.

Please contact us to discuss any perspective proposal.

Can I use Markosia images and logos for our retail website?
Yes, of course. Anything that helps you to sell more books is good for us. We allow use of our copyrighted images and text for promotional, marketing and review purposes, on the condition that the retailer references these accordingly, and provides a link back to this website.

Please contact us directly and we will provide you with our logo and images that you require.

How can I find out about titles currently in production?
We tend to keep things close to our chest in order to avoid the larger publishers from ‘stealing’ our partner artists and writers! As such we will only promote new titles once they are completed or close to completion, and may occassionally add information on our Imprints page.

If anything in particular is of interest please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

How do I get your creators to my store for a signing?
Please contact us directly and we will happily discuss arrangements with you.

Do you attend events?
Yes we do. In the UK we regularly attend the Bristol International Expo, Birmingham International Comics Show, Thought Bubble and many more. We are committed to attending more events in 2011 and onwards, including shows such as Kapow, the Cardiff Expo and The London Super Comic Convention.

If you are an event organiser and believe that your show would benefit from our attendance please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss it.

Please use our Contact Us page to get in touch as it helps avoid those awful spammers!

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