Changes Afoot!

You may be noticing a few changes over the next few days, folks!

For one, our brand new all singing and all dancing website will be going live, replacing our current faithful one. We’d love to hear your feedback on what you think of it, where we have made mistakes and how we can improve it. So please do get in touch when you have had a chance to review it. We should add that it will not be up to date immediately and that new and recent titles will be added over the coming weeks to get it completely up to date.


We have recently partnered with Ave Fenix in Spain to have all our books translated into Spanish for both the digital and print market around the world, so watch out for some announcements regarding this as we have high hopes of success.

ave fenix editorial.logo

We are also currently working on a new global distribution strategy which will allow a simpler ordering system and quicker shipping of all orders from around the world, and we will announce the full details on the new website any day now.

We have made great strides to improve everything that we do, especially for you!

So please bear with us over these next few days as we try and bring you these important changes in the best possible fashion, and again accept our gratitude for your amazing support!