Christopher Marlowe & The Bards of Nemeton

Folks, this is the last week that you have to order this spectacular book from your local comic shop.

If you’re still sitting on the fence then see what others are saying aboout it:

Mike Dowling says:

“A brilliant concept executed with real wit and style. It’s a fantastically sustained act of the imagination. The art sings on every page telling a dense, audacious story:  it’s a time spanning epic; a metaphysical battle with past present and future at stake. An out of nowhere explosion of great comic art.”
Brendan McCarthy says:
“A magickal mash-up of classic sci-fi epochs that creates an intelligent and literary graphic novel experience.”
Mike Carey says:
“I’d say this book was insanely ambitious, except that Meirion Jones actually pulls it off.  His literary-philosophical conspiracy thriller eats its own tail in epic, anarchic style. The story is crazy fun, and the art is glorious.”
Trust us, you will not be disappointed!
Christopher Marlowe cover