A ‘Toxic Storm’ coming your way – batten down the hatches!

Adam Cheal’s ‘Toxic Storm’ is heading your way in February 2014, starting with a super-limited edition hardcover exclusively launched at the next London Super comic Convention!

Featuring Alberto Rodriguez’s spectacular art, colours from Mike Summers and nicely decorated with Mindy Lopkin’s letters, this title is sure to turn a few heads, so keep an eye out for more news and reviews as we get it ready for you!

Toxic Storm cover w logo


Toxic Storm

Writer: Adam Cheal

Artist: Alberto Rodriguez

100 pages – Full Colour – £11.99p / $15.99

An unjustly condemned man cheats death in the gas chamber by using occult power to transform into toxic gas.

A psychologically troubled FBI agent is ordered to apprehend him but turns rogue and threatens to destroy his last tie to humanity in a sadistic game of cat and mouse.

ISBN: 978-1-909276-16-1