Fact or Fiction? – Author interview

We managed to snag Colin Hall for a short interview about ‘Fact or Fiction? The paris & M6 Crashes, due for release on April 2nd:

Q -How did you get involved in writing this book?

CH – Well, certainly writing is not my full time occupation. I am more of a security consultant amongst other things. So I’m interested in anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it was while I was undertaking completely unconnected research that I became intrigued by reports of an alleged incident on the M6.

Q – How do you progress from reading the reports to writing a book though?

CH – I think I just got drawn in and the more I read the more I became interested (some would say obsessed) with the subject and felt I had to write an account of everything that appears to have happened.

Q – This is your debut release, what challenges did you face when writing the book?

CH – I think the biggest challenge was filtering all the material I had at my disposal and creating a book that would make sense of my thinking processes.

Q – Would you do it again?

CH – Of course! But let’s not move too fast. In this book I’m asking for others to add their opinions and conclusions. Let’s see where that takes us!


For more information about the background to the book please go to: http://m6paranormalcrash.wordpress.com/

Fact or Fiction - cover