They’re back! Let’s Get Wild!

You guessed it, folks, our furry friends from Forestya are back in the long-awaited collected edition!

‘N-Guard’ will be released in June 2013, so start giving your local comic store a gentle nudge!



Writer: Jonathan Bryans

Artist: Phillip Jackson

Full Color   96 Pages

$15.99 / £11.99p

 ***COMING IN JUNE 2013***

While on a fieldtrip to the renowned Stones of Nature, four friends, Boon, Kat Nipp,  Klondike and Quickstep find themselves drawn into an ageless conflict between Mother Nature and the tyrannical Spidersect Empire. Destined to become Nature’s next champions, bestowed with power from the Elemental Stones, their lives are about to change, forever. LET’S GET WILD!!!

ISBN: 978-1-905692-64-4


Also in June will see the release of the stunning ‘Techno-Mancer’ by Raphael Moran and Marc Borstel.


Techno-mancer cover Techno-Mancer

Writer: Raphael Moran

Art: Marc Borstel

128 pages  -  Full Color

$17.99 / £13.99p

 ***COMING IN JUNE 2013***

Humanity’s last colony has exiled themselves to a small valley where all forms of advance technology have been outlawed.   A traveling magician named Merrick uses black market tech to trick the local villagers into thinking he’s using real magic, but when a visitor from the skies crashes down everything he ever thought was real is finally revealed.

ISBN: 978-1-905692-85-9