Featured FCBD Titles!

Here’s a selection of cover art from our forthcoming Free comic Book Day edition due on May 4th.


The books previewed will be launched in July and August.



Hero 9 to 5: Quietus (volume 2)

writer: Ian Sharman

artist: David Gray

colours: Yel Zamor

96 pages

ISBN: 978-1-909276-03-1

Welcome back to a world where the rich can afford the best in super hero protection, but the poor have to get by with the heroic equivalent of third party, fire and theft. The “Lone Knight” returns from the pages of Hero: 9 to 5, but how will The Loner and the finest men and women that publicly funded super hero protection can supply cope when a mysterious figure leaves a trail of unconnected corpses in his wake? How will a young hero deal with the loss of his mentor? And, more importantly, how will Thunder Woman get her groceries when she runs into Lash Lady at the store? In a world where being a super hero is just another job, what happens when there’s nobody left alive to pay the bill? Quietus – some men just want to watch the world die.


Heart of War cover Heart of War 

writer: James pearson

artist: Roland Bird

colours: Valia Kapadai

128 pages

ISBN: 978-1-909276-05-5

1968: Vietnam. Deep in the battle ravaged jungle twelve US Marines confront an enemy infinitely more savage and bloodthirsty than the Viet Cong.

An agent of the apocalypse lurks waiting…

1988: Manhattan. Six veterans reunite to destroy an immortal nightmare believed buried decades ago…

The Heart of War beats eternal.


Falk Cover Image mock up 2      Falk Cover Image mock up 1

The Case Files of Harlan Falk

writer: Cy Dethan

artists: Scott James / Alex Johns

128 pages

ISBN: 978-1-909276-04-8

A respected hostage negotiation expert loses his mind when a bizarre kidnapping case results in a child’s unexplained death. His wild talk of murderous monsters born from the victim’s own imagination is impossible to believe, and the catastrophe sees him driven out of business in a cycle of alcoholism, denial and despair. Several years later, when a new case arises bearing all the hallmarks of the same killers.

Harlan Falk emerges from obscurity a changed man: a monster negotiator. Using resources and methods beyond the scope of conventional investigators, he sets out to finally close the case that cost him his career.


Project Luna 1947 Project Luna: 1947

writer: Martin Hayes

artist: Jim Boswell

100 pages

ISBN: 978-1-909276-02-4

Set in 1947, amidst the largest UFO flap in history, four disparate crew members are chosen to go to the moon to investigate a strange lunar signal that has been picked up by British radio astronomers.

Their mission brings them into contact with mysterious British Intelligence Officers, deranged ex-Nazi scientists, CIA operatives, Scottish Highland Sheep, and the biggest, most insidious conspiracy the world has ever faced.



AAM Markosia FCBD 2013 Endangered Weapon B

writer: David Tallerman

artist: Bob Molesworth

80 pages

ISBN: 978-1-909276-08-6

What kind of lunatic forces a grizzly bear to wear mechanized combat armor and fight his battles? What kind of fiend kidnaps a beautiful Polynesian computer genius to be his child bride?

And just who has a ninja for a butler anyway? Meet the Professor: eccentric, scientist, explorer and Englishman par excellence. Madcap steampunk hi-jinks in Endangered Weapon B!