LSCC Exclusives!

February 23rd and 24th sees the return of the outstanding London Super Comic Convention!

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Those of you who attended the inaugural show last year will be just as excited for the return of what is already arguably the most anticipated comic convention in the UK. We will be well represented again this year, with a new look, an all-new layout, and more great creators waiting to sign and sketch as a huge thank you for your ongoing support.

This year will see some LSCC Exclusives from Markosia, including the following:

Project Luna 1947

Project Luna: 1947 

Limited Edition LSCC Exclusive Hardcover 

Set in 1947, amidst the largest UFO flap in history, four disparate crew members are chosen to go to the moon to investigate a strange lunar signal that has been picked up by British radio astronomers. Their mission brings them into contact with mysterious British Intelligence Officers, deranged ex-Nazi scientists, CIA operatives, Scottish Highland Sheep, and the biggest, most insidious conspiracy the world has ever faced.

Also exclusive to the show is:

Misery City cover

Misery City

Limited Edition LSCC Exclusive

Creators Vassilis Gogtzilas and Kostas Zachopoulos will be flying over from Greece especially for LSCC. This fantastic Limited Edition Exclusive will be signed by both creators!

Max Murray – An unlucky trench coat detective, forever damned in the concrete labyrinth of Misery City. Hunted by Hell’s lurking horrors has to struggle to remain in one piece. Torn between saving his life or saving his soul, Max enters into an one man’s doomed crusade. Can Mr. Murray find salvation, or the blind goddess will cast him into the ever dark of Misery?


Both books are available as pre-orders, just click on the cover image and follow the instructions.

Remember, these are one-off exclusives and will not be re-printed in this format again.