August books now available for order

Two brand new offerings again this month, a couple of beauties too!

First up is Ketsueki – if you like Manga, fantasy, adventure, horror and sword play then this is the book for you!

Secondly is a book we have been looking forward to launching, our first landscape effort - Toybox Turmoil. A twisted story about the consequences of playing with toys!

Please contact your local comic stores and order before the 18th June, both books are on Page 228 of the Previews catalogue, and the order codes are as follows:

Ketsueki - JUN12 0750  

Toybox Turmoil - JUN12 0751 



Written by Richmond Clements

Art by Ai Takita-Lucas

128 pages     Black and White

$17.99 / £12.99p

The Witch Queen Rorien and her demon hordes, led by the cruel Batsu, are overrunning the land, destroying everything in their path. The demons have besieged the Shogun’s castle. ?Hope lies with the Lady Tsuji, the Shogun’s champion – his daughter.

She is a Sorceress, a warrior and wielder of the legendary sword, the Demon Killer - Ketsueki.

ISBN: 978-1-905692-83-5



Writer/Artist: Alexander Serra     Cover: Alexander Serra

96 pages     Black and White

$15.99p / £11.99p

Super-heroes and barbarians come together in a twisted story about children’s toys and the dangers of having an imagination that may be a bit too creative. A young boy plays with his favourite action-figures, not realizing he may be affecting the lives of actual people. People who intend on fighting back!

ISBN: 978-1-905692-82-8


It would mean a lot to us if you could spread the word about our books, we need all the help we can get during these difficult times. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your continuing support, without you we would not exist. We can only hope that we continue to bring you the kind of books that you want to keep reading!

Thank you!