July Books now available for order!


It’s that time of the month again where we give you information and ask you nicely to order our books from your comic shop!

For July we have two more special offerings – the all ages dinosaur action adventure ‘DinoCorps’ and the huge moster collected edition that is ‘Sleaze Castle Etcetera: The inComplete Final Cut Volume 1′ (volume 1 of 1!)

Please give your local comic shop the following information when you place your order:

DinoCorps – order code MAY12 0786 – Page 236

Sleaze Castle Etcetera: The inComplete Final Cut Volume 1 – order code MAY12 0787 – page 236

And here is more information and cover art for you to drool over while you wait on the books:



Written by Andy Briggs & Steve Horvath

Art by Bob Molesworth

96 pages – Full Colour

$15.99 / £11.99p

Entombed for millennia, a team of combat dinosaurs is accidentally reanimated by 14-year-old Carl Heyward. While trying to keep them a secret, Carl discovers the evil Saurons have survived too. Responsible for the last mass extinction event, they’re planning to eradicate the human mammalian vermin with another extinction event. The race is on to save the planet… again. World shaking action-adventure in this all-ages story!

ISBN: 978-1-905692-80-4

order code MAY12 0786 - Page 236




Written by Dave McKinnon and Adrian Kermode

Art by Terry Wiley

480 pages – B&W

$49.99 / £34.99p

After a decade out of print, at last new readers get a chance to experience the various Tales of Sleaze Castle (which isn’t very sleazy, actually!). Meet Jo Dribble, perpetual student, her hard-drinking sister Petra, and her extra-dimensional friend Panda, ruler of another parallel Earth and of the giant crumbling Sleaze Castle. Petra’s adventures on Earth and Jo’s adventures on Panda’s planet are now collected in one bumper volume.

ISBN: 978-1-905692-79-8

order code MAY12 0787 - page 236