May 2012 books – comic shops now taking orders

Coming to you in May, with both books now featured in Diamond Previews catalog page 230 you can now order the books directly from your local comic shop. Just give them the following codes and they will take care of the rest:


Click on the images to order directly from us at discounted prices, especially if you wish to pick the book(s) up at Bristol Comic Expo on May 12th and 13th.


White Knuckle

Writer: Cy Dethan

Artist: Valia Kapadai

Cover Artist: Valia Kapadai

100 pages   Full Color   $15.99 / £11.99

Forty years ago, Seth Rigal was a man to be feared. Now nearly seventy and tormented by ten years as a serial strangler, Rigal suddenly finds his precious anonymity snatched from him when he accidentally saves a boy’s life.  Old wounds are opened and the bodies won’t stay buried any longer.

ISBN: 978-1-905692-73-6





Kindred Spirits

Writer: Maggie Lewinowicz

Artist: Valia Kapadai

Cover Artist: Valia Kapadai

128 pages   Full Color   $17.99 / £13.99

A young man, desperate to save his sister from demonic possession, descends to Purgatory to save her. Once there, he must fight the illusions and traps set out for him if he is to reclaim his sister’s soul and make his way back to the real world. The clock is ticking and his only help comes in the form of a mischievous girl in a fox mask.

ISBN: 978-1-905692-74-3


We have much going on in may, so watch this space for some major announcements about other books and very special offerings!

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