The London Super Comic Convention 2012!


After much talking and speculation the London Super Comic Convention has come and gone – and what a show it was!

For Markosia it was unquestionably the most successful convention we have ever exhibited at, so we are clearly delighted. It was great to see such a great array of guests, and the exhibitors who had faith in the show depsite some reservation by many were quite rightly rewarded. Almost everyone we spoke to said that it was their best show ever, and many of the guests have already asked to come back next year.

We for one cannot wait!

Anyway, we promised you a new, slick look, and here it is!

The banner in the background is twelve feet long, so this image is actually quote deceptive, as our booth was huge!


A widescreen shot showing the signing area and the other banner.


Britt Snyder and JL Straw signing at the booth. Britt travelled all the way from the US for the show. His book, The Superfun Adventures of Jax, is one of the best we have ever published, so check it out. JL Straw is the artist on The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures and the upcoming Dark Mists sequel. She didn’t have so far to travel!


Also here were Nigel Dobbyn and Christian Rodriguez who both worked on The Chili. Christian had travelled from Spain for the show.


Also signing at the booth were Andy Briggs, Steve Horvath, Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Giuseppe D’Elia (who had travelled from Italy), Huw-J Davies, Magnus Aspli, Cy Dethan and Stephen Downey. Unfortunately we didn’t take pics of them all, so hopefuly someone did!

A special thanks to Nic Wilkinson who was incredible over the weekend, working at the booth and keeping things ticking over. We would have struggled without her! Sara Westrop also kindly lent a hand on Sunday, which was as busy for us as Saturday was. ¬†And of course a huge thank you to those who supported us throughout, not just at the show but in general. Without you we wouldn’t be here!

It was a great event for Markosia and we look forward to 2013!