Your feedback and input required – and you can win a prize!

Ladies and Gents, as we have announced on many occasions we will be attending the inaugural London Super Comic Convention next month.

We intend it to be the show where we have our strongest ever presence. At this time we have at least ten creators attending to sign at our booth, including Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Magnus Aspli, Cy Dethan, Christian Rodriguez, Nigel Dobbyn, Graeme Howard, Britt Snyder, Stephen Downey and Andy Briggs.

In addition to this outstanding turnout you will see our new convention layout and display for the first time ever, including two huge banners, dynamic new display units for our books and the inclusion of merchandising such as T-shirts, posters and prints.

What we need though is for some constructive feedback and suggestions on what would make the show and our presence even better. What do you think we should do to bring more people to our booth and to get them reading our great books?

Please send all your suggestions to Harry at – We will have a draw for the best three suggestions, with the three prizes on offer as follows:

- Signed and sketched copy of ‘The Superfun Adventures of Jax’ with a sketch by Britt Snyder who is travelling half way around the world to be with us!

- A copy of ‘Hope Falls: The Ultimate Edition’ signed by both Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood.

- A signed and sketched copy of ‘Slaughterman’s Creed’, signed by writer Cy Dethan with a sketch by artist Stephen Downey.

Each person will also receive a signed ‘Lexian Chronicles’ poster which can be picked up at the show.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending those great ideas in!

Many thanks in advance for your continuing support.