‘Fractures’ – a stunning new graphic novel

For those of you who enjoyed the stunning ‘Boy Who made Silence’ by Josh Hagler, and those of you who at some point in your lives have read and enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s seminal ‘Sandman’, well here is something that may be of interest to you!
‘Fractures’ is a stunning new graphic novel by newcomer Chris Gajda. Remember that name well, for we believe he has a very promising future in this industry.
We have printed a very limited run of this graphic novel and it is now available for you to order. Check it out in our ‘Comics and Graphic Novels’ section.
Here is a synopsis for you to mull over:

Marvin has very vivid nightmares. His dreams are haunted by a powerful and charismatic,faceless figure. Trapped in the horrifying, surreal world, Marvin has to find away out, by facing his own demons. The journey takes him from the darkest corners of his past, to the uncertain future. Seeking redemption, Marvin has a chance to save someone’s life.
However,nothing comes without a price…

Dr Nicolas has the power of changing peoples fate. Ironically all the happiness he brings to their lives doesn’t prevent his own from being bitter and sad. To understand the importance of forgiveness, he must face the horror of destroying someone’s future. What he doesn’t know is that someone is already watching that future.There is nothing irreversible for the faceless man…