Geek Syndicate approves of Apollo LSCC Edition!

The recent London Super Comic Convention was a great success for Markosia and the numerous new titles launched at the event.

One book in particular caught the eye of Geek Syndicate - our super-limited LSCC Edition of Apollo!

This is what geek Syndicate had to say:

“The special ‘giant size’ edition of this book published by Markosia is a real treat. It’s an ambitious concept with some really stunning artwork from Douglas A. Sirois

For those unfamiliar with this greek fable. Apollo and his twin sister are desperately trying to protect their mother from a vengeful and powerful goddess Hera.

The artwork is really epic in scale and the battle sequences are really breathtaking. There’s so much detail on each page, you can spend hours soaking up all the sumptuous imagery.”

Apollo was chosen as one of the top ten books at LSCC, so it’s safe to say that thery liked it!

Our thanks go to Geek Syndicate and all those who supported us at the show.

Apollo Cover LSCC

Future Primitive – coming soon!

Here’s a teaser cover for ‘Future Primitive’, coming soon and one to watch!

FP 1

Devil Dealers coming soon!

Ross May and Brett Wood’s exciting ‘Devil Dealers’ will be launching here in the UK next month, so keep an eye out for it!

Click on the pinup below for more info.


Apollo at LSCC 2014!

Less than two weeks to go folks! And then one of the most limited of all books will be available to those who move the swiftest!

The Apollo LSCC Limited Edition Exclusive is limited to just 50 copies worldwide! AND it is an oversized version, perfect to showcase the stunning visuals that uber-talented Douglas A. Sirois worked so tirelessly on, as per the instructions of ther equally talented Erik von Wodtke.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular book and don’t forget that we have other LSCC Exclusives on offer on the weekend of March 15th and 16th.

Apollo LSCC spread high res

Trailers Galore!

The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley’ and ‘Hero 9 to 5: Quietus‘!

Rob Randle and Kevin Storm speak!

Read a great interview from the guys who brought you ‘Serial Artist’. Click on their pics below.

rob randle_portrait kevin storm_portrait

Markosia Unveils Serial Artist This March

A Darkly Existential, Multi-Faceted Crime Epic With A Disturbing Premise That Could Be Ripped From The Headlines… Any Day Now.

Hertfordshire, England (February 11th, 2014) – Known as a bastion for challenging graphic fiction, Markosia Enterprises has given a home to the genre-defying photonovella Serial Artist; the chilling story of a fine arts gallery painter who has declared to the world that the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims and that all the clues necessary to solve his crimes are hidden in his works of art. Approached in the fumetti style, the 152 page graphic novel was photographed and painted by Netherlands-based artist Kevin Storm and written by American creator Robert Randle, who also provided the artwork for the Serial Artist’s controversial paintings.

Serial Artist coverIt’s one part fast-paced murder mystery, one part mind-bending meditation on the decay of Western Civilization, and one part tour through the roiling psychosis of a disturbed young painter. Mix in the guiding hand of the I Ching, render the illustrations using Adobe Photoshop, and you get Serial Artist, a four-part, underground graphic novel that strikes uncomfortably close to home.

And that home is America: a capitalistic, parasitic, self-indulgent totem of rampant materialism, whose once-world renowned value system has spun off its axis and now breeds a race of slouching, mindless dependents. Here in the long shadow of the leviathan, the basest impulses govern existence, and the wanton pursuit of excess has sown the seeds for the empire’s own eventual reckoning. From the churning bile of this mire emerges a once-in-a-generation figure, a firebrand visionary whose métier is the deification of murder and whose rabid fan base brings new meaning to the term “cult following.”

Serial Artist is a power-trip journey that ensnares readers by weaving the ultimate fantasy of not just upsetting the dominant paradigm but destroying it—not just calling evil by its name, but sliding the blade in between the ribs and giving a twist. It is the rare book that speaks truth to power, confronts the cancerous cysts of celebrity-worship, and wrestles with the grim trappings of unbridled privilege. When you finally set it down, the world is somehow a darker place.

-From Benjamin Shaffer’s  “He is the Thing that Shouldn’t Exist” Fumetti, I-Ching, and Americanism: the story of Serial Artist Pages from Serial Artist Preview Pages from Serial Artist Preview

“Markosia is very pleased to be the company to publish Serial Artist,” says publisher Harry Markos. “The book seems to have had a pretty profound effect on everyone who has read it so far, and I’m glad for the opportunity to share that experience with readers around the world.”

The Serial Artist soft cover will debut in March 2014 retailing for £14.99p / $18.99 and will be simultaneously released digitally in both graphic novel format for $4.99 and as four individual chapters for 99 cents each through ComiXology, iVerse, DriveThruComics, and other platforms. Additionally the Serial Artist graphic novel will be available on the Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google play, Nook, and iBooks.


A free seven page preview is available to view at:

and is currently available for download on iVerse Media’s ComicsPlus app platform:


Warning: for MATURE READERS only. Reviewers and other professionals interested in seeing the complete book are encouraged to contact


Praise for Serial Artist:

“Robert and Kevin have crafted a gripping, disturbing, and challenging take on society’s obsession with celebrity and violence — I couldn’t put the book down. Check it out, but be ready to be up till the wee hours of the morning — and to be thinking about it days later.”

-Mark Powers (Drafted, This Haunted World, G.I. Joe) 


“With its stunning photo-artwork and startling divinatory layouts, Serial Artist is what books about serial killers should be, but rarely are. So powerfully written I found it hard to get through … but read it until the end and then think about the truly horrific implications. Amazing work.”

-Steve Moore (Hercules, Somnium) Pages from Serial Artist Preview-2


“Randle and Storm have crafted a grisly, thought provoking piece of work. The kind of book that stays with you for weeks after finishing it. Do not wait. Read it now. With the lights ON. “

- Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire, Echoes, Tumor)


“Serial Artist features great writing from Robert Randle that would make CSI and Dexter fans feel right at home and Kevin Storm’s visceral artwork will bring back memories of McKean’s work on “Arkham Asylum”. Highly Recommended!”

-Peter Simeti (Publisher, Alterna Comics)


Consumers wishing to place pre-orders can do so on Markosia’s website ( Retailers seeking wholesale purchases should contact Quick Comics ( ) for US or Canadian based stores or UK Comics ( ) for those based in Europe. Exclusive editions can also be created for interested parties.

A new LSCC Exclusive – Apollo!

Markosia have added another Limited Edition LSCC Exclusive to the roster – an oversized version of Apollo!

Just 50 copies of the new 12″ version will be made available at the London Super Comic Convention in March – so click here to find out how to get a copy now!

In Ancient Greece, an 18-year-old farmhand and his twin sister embark on an epic adventure to protect their mother, and all they know and love, from Hera, the vengeful queen of the gods.  Apollo is a graphic novel of classic Greek mythology, uniquely re-imagined within the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos universe.

Apollo Cover LSCC

London Super Comic Convention 2014!

We are preparing for what will be our biggest con ever, the London Super Comic Convention 2014!

This years show, on March 15th and 16th has a staggering array of creators attending and we will have a huge presence right there next to them all!

We are delighted to announce the launch of at least 4 new books at the show, two of them as LSCC Limited Edition Hardcover Exclusives – just 100 copies will be printed exclusively for the show!

‘Toxic Storm’ and ‘Terminus at Fenton’s Green’ are the two LSCC exclusive books that we are all very excited about. The creative teams will be attending to sign, sketch and basically make your day! There will be free gifts with every purchase at the show (LSCC only – sorry folks!) and some original artwork will be given away to FOUR lucky winners!

We are taking pre-orders for the two hardcovers which include FREE UK Shipping for those who either cannot attend the show or who want to ensure that they reserve a copy before they sell out.

We will also be launching ‘The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley’ and ‘Serial Artist’  and possibly one or two other titles, so watch this space for what will certainly be a super-exciting event!

Watch this space for more announcements soon!

Terminus at Fenton's Green               Toxic Storm

Zakk Ridley           Serial Artist


Happy Holidays!

christmas card by vassilis gogtzilasSpecial Thanks go to supremely talented artist Vassilis Gogtzilas for the wonderful card!


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