Scavengers #1now available on Comixology!

Now available on Comixology – Kim Roberts and Megan Huang’s amazing sci-fi tale, ‘Scavengers’.

The first issue is now live and looking amazing, so go on over and check it out!


Coming soon!

Here’s a glimpse of some exciting new titles coming your way in 2016!


Take A Chance

Redemption Heights cover

Santa Claus vs the Nazis cover


‘Blue Sparkles’ launches August 1st!

The long-awaited ‘Blue Sparkles’, an amazing fairy-tale fantasy from writer Sissy Pantelis and artist Vurore is finally launching on August 1st!


Walpurgis is a sacred feast in Fairyland. Bathed in moonlight, the fairy princess and the heir of Thunderland dance and enchant all guests with their ethereal moves. But the sinister sharp eyes of an old enemy, hidden behind the trees, are locked on the two dancers. And from far away, somewhere in the dream realms, a mysterious red moon casts threatening reflections upon them. The young couple keep dancing, unaware of the shadows that gather all around. They are in love and they just want to be together. Will their passion prevail over dark magic, powerful curses and the tricky paths of Dreamland that lead to dangerous traps?